About Us Here At Stella’s

At Stella’s is situated approximately 6km from the historic little village of Mudgeeraba in the gorgeous Hinterland on the Gold Coast… the beautiful scenery of the green behind the Gold as they say!!

Enjoy the short scenic journey to this very special place, and once you have arrived we hope you feel the warmth, comfort and old fashioned hospitality we offer. Because that’s what we want you to feel. This special place isn’t just a venue… it’s an experience and we want to be the difference and make the difference on your special day.

We have all been in the business of weddings  and industry of love for over 10  years now and all the people who are part of the At Stella’s team are personally chosen and have to be the perfect fit for this special place… it’s a wonderful team that  is more a family! After all there is no “I” in the word team and we as a team work together to ensure your special celebration of love runs smoothly.

  • So who is Stella?

Stella Mary was my beautiful Nan! A delightful lady that always welcomed you with a loving smile and a warm hug. She had the biggest heart, always a kind word, tender and gentle and a funny little laugh that was indeed contagious.

She always had a way of making you feel that you were so so special and inspired and encouraged me to never give up on my dreams. And thanks to you Nan I didn’t, that’s why I have dedicated this special place to you

The childhood memories of Nans place make me smile and will remain with me forever. Over the years she helped me grow and learn about life and I was so lucky to have her in my life into my early 40’s.
I lived with Nan for 4 years in my early 20’s and she instilled in me the values and morals I still live with today.

I will forever cherish this photo of Nan and I on my wedding day, she was so proud and I was so blessed to have her there with me on that very special day.

The memories of the cups of tea and tasty treats were simply the best at Nan’s place … And Stella Marys cooking was amazing! She taught me how to cook, the old fashioned way when food was enjoyed and appreciated not just eaten! lol
In her presence you always felt that all was good in the world… you were loved and cared for, looked after and protected. Sometimes no words were needed just the look from those loving eyes and a small smile made everything ok.
And her presence and beautiful memory lives on here with us today and always.
She will always be such a special part of this place because I carry that love for her in my heart.

So we ask you to do exactly that… enjoy every minute you have here with us At Stella’s, because we really are in the business of making dreams come true.


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